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  This is a story of immigration of three siblings who came to America seeking a better life. It is a story about John Steinbeck’s maternal ancestors, the Hamilton family; his grandfather Samuel, great aunt Mary and great uncle Robert Hamilton, who immigrated from Ireland destined for California. It is a story of their children, first generation Americans, who were provided the opportunity to attend higher academic institutions. One child became a famous judge for the District Court of Appeals of the First District of San Francisco. Others became schoolteachers in the most rural of Monterey counties one-room schoolhouses, which were little more than board and batten shacks. One of these teachers, Steinbeck’s mother Olive Hamilton Steinbeck, became a member of one of California’s many progressive women’s club of the early twentieth century, the Wanderers Study Club.

  It is also a story about the Protestant American myth that shaped the morals and ethics of Californians during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Finally, it is a story about finding home and trying to make that home more like Eden; whether that involves drilling a well for water on your property to advance your prosperity, or establishing a public library in your community to advance your children’s education.

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John Steinbeck: A Home Coming
by Donald Kohrs

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